Hot Donut Hair Bun I Self-Heated Hair Bun Hair Styling Tool

  • The Hot Donut Hair Bun by Madame Hair is the World's first Hot Donut Hair Bun!
  • This product can be used on any hair type or colour.
  • The HDHB means ladies now can have their chic bun look during the day and then let their hair down to reveal gorgeous lush curls.
  • The Hot Donut Hair Bun is a hot hair bun, a hair bun that gets hot to give your hair voluminous waves... ALL JUST BY THE PRESS OF A BUTTON.
  • The Hot Donut Hair Bun will style your hair using a gentle heat which is much better for your precious hair than other harsh styling tools.

As it is self-heated the Hot Donut Hair Bun means you are no longer dependent on an electricity source or bulky curling tools to style your hair. You can use this on the go as instant heat is generated! One color suits all, it's also re-useable, environmentally friendly and small enough to fit almost anywhere! Always carry a spare so no need to reheat on the go! HDHB's are your hair's new Best Friend..even use HDHB to enhance your hair's Conditioning Deep Treatments! The Hot Donut Hair Bun gives 2 looks in 1!

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