Sustainable Hair Styling Tool Hot Donut Hair Bun

  • The Hot Donut Hair Bun(HDHB) is the World’s 1st Heated Hair Bun!
  • This hair styling tool produces a gentle heat and can be used on many hair types, textures and colours
  • No more embarrassing rollers keeping you in the house! The HDHB means you can now style your hair discreetly in an up do and then let your hair down to reveal gorgeously styled lush curls
  • No electricity required, save your energy bills and the planet by using a hot hair tool with no electricity consumed 
  • Reuseable no need to boil to reset just put in hot water
  • Mobile, no faffy wires, extension cords etc. required
  • Fits nicely into your make up bag, hand bag, travel bag etc.
  • Sustainable hair styling tool using less plastic and eco friendly packaging
  • This heated hair tool generates an instant, cosy and gentle heat
  • Can heat up to a cosy 54-57 celcius that is both kind to your hair and your fingers!

As it is self-heated the Hot Donut Hair Bun means you are no longer dependent on an electricity source or bulky curling tools to style your hair. You can use this on the go as instant heat is generated! One color suits all, it's also re-useable, environmentally friendly and small enough to fit almost anywhere! Always carry a spare so no need to reheat on the go! HDHB's are your hair's new Best Friend..even use HDHB to enhance your hair's Conditioning Deep Treatments! The Hot Donut Hair Bun gives 2 looks in 1!

Tip: Use two Hot Donuts if your hair is on the thicker side, Princess Leia style! (see gallery) 

Watch more videos here on the Hot Donut Hair Bun: 


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