High Quality 100% Remy


Remy Hair is the ultimate type of hair that could be used to make hair extensions because of the way it is gathered. During the remy hair gathering process all the hair cuticles are kept intact, cuticle correct and strands are aligned in the same direction from root to tip. This alignment gives you a more natural look because all the hair strands flow in the same direction this also makes it less likely to tangle. Remy hair is in the premium section of hair quality because it is cut from a single donor, the strands are all the same length, it lasts longer, is more durable all of which makes it more wearable! Madame Hair only uses the highest quality of remy hair to make our hair clip in extensions to ensure you love your extensions as much as we do!
Yaki hair extensions are hair extensions that have been steam treated to mimic or match the appearance and feel of textured hair. Textured hair is any type of hair that is not silky smooth in appearance and feel and comes in many different forms. At Madame Hair, we currently offer a straight light yaki remy texture. This light yaki is the better match for anyone with some coarseness and body in their hair that could be frizzy hair, relaxed hair, African American hair or chemically treated hair. Because it is made from remy hair our Yaki hair can also be straightened to more of a silky texture if required and then when wet it will bounce back to its natural bodied texture.  
Sometimes, unfortunately, hair companies may mix their hair with synthetic hair etc. and claim it is "real hair" the customer will then be understandably disappointed with their purchase when using it because they were misled. We Never mislead at Madame Hair! We always let you know clearly what type of hair you are getting in each description and video or live demonstration. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product over the years and that is why so many hair professionals have recommended us. During our six plus years in retail, we had physical locations where customers could come to back to and we never had any issues with hair quality (otherwise we would not have lasted at the same place for so long).
Synthetic hair can come in many different forms e.g. heat resistant and kanekalon hair, but essentially it is plastic that has been made to look like natural hair. Synthetic hair can look very real and it a fine choice for short term wear but if you want hair extensions that will last, easily styleable, dyeable, and comfortable than Human Hair is the best choice. Madame Hair currently sells only 100% Human Hair clip in extensions.  
One of the great things about our hair is this is an exclusive hair line, you simply cant get Madame Hair's high standard of quality hair anywhere else! We make it our business to offer our customers choice, ethical and quality products all at a great price! This is why we have THE Best Hair Extensions! Check out some of our reviews here We'd love to hear yours, please send them to us.
Once you actually try Madame Hair products the difference in our hair quality will be clear. In fact, some of our customers we only used to see at Christmas each year as their Madame Hair Extensions lasted them the whole year plus! Listening to customer feedback we constantly improve our products and broaden our range incorporating in current trends.