The Healthy Hair Choice


We have seen over the years how hair extensions can sometimes be counter productive. Women get hair extensions hoping to make their hair look more beautiful, but because extensions are often misused regularly what happens is those same hair extensions then end up causing damage to their own natural hair. No woman wants to use a product only to end up with hair that is in worse condition than before they started using this product.
The main issue in this is that hair extensions are not meant to be permanently worn indefinitely. Sometimes hair extensions are applied in a permanent fashion(weave or glue) all year round and the hair is never really allowed to breathe. This makes taking care of your own hair impossible and leads to your natural hair degenerating with time so you are then completely reliant on hair extensions. 
At Madame Hair we don't want this for you. We want you to have a full healthy head of hair so hair extensions are an option for you. The easiest way to ensure your hair is still healthy, growing and being taken care of is to wear temporary hair extensions for most of the year (Spring - Autumn) then when the colder seasons come permanent hair extensions can be used as a protective hairstyle.
We know not everyone is blessed with hair of their dreams and hair extensions can give a major confidence boost but this should not be at the expense of your own hair! Clip in Hair Extensions are the best choice for your own healthy hair growth and nurture. And at Madame Hair we aim to offer you choices that match your hair much better.