Clip in Hair Extensions Remy One Piece Strip (6 Clips) Jet Black (1#) 24inches


Remy Clip in Hair Extensions One Piece Strip (6 Clips) Jet Black (1#) 24inches

This is a classic jet black Individual Strip 24inches long, 12inches wide with 6 clips these strips go across the head from ear to ear. These strips are Silky to touch and feel.

In a rush? Clip in Hair Extensions are the only way to safely add length and thickness instantly to your hair.

Madame Hair Extensions are made from the finest Remy cuticle correct 100% human hair. Our quality hair stands out from the crowd allowing coloring and heat styling.

Most people use 3 of these strips to achieve a full head of extensions,this depends on the desired thickness of your hair, each individual is different. Depending on the length of your cut or thickness of your hair you may prefer 3 or more strips to give you a fuller look. Some people also like to mix the 24-inch strips with the 18-inch strips to give nice layers and retain the length when curling.

Product Details

    24 inches long
    12 inches wide
    High-Quality Remy
    100% Human Hair
    6 small discreet clips


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