Best Clip In Hair Extensions Reviews

best clip in hair extensions

Best Clip In Hair Extensions Reviews 2016

We know it can be tricky in this world of hair extension brands to know who to trust. All sorts of questions may go through your mind like is this really human hair? Are these extensions 100% real hair? Will these hair extensions last me? How do I know which brand to trust? We get it,it's tricky.  But it doesn't have to be!

One way you can know which hair brand to trust is through others experience. At Madame Hair, we've gathered numerous customer reviews over the years so hopefully it makes the decision process easier for you when you hear what others have to say. You can see these reviews on(below) and off our site on our FaceBook  page.

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2016 August 18th Paulina

"Good Morning! Just a quick message to say the hair I ordered came the other day and it matches amazing! So in love with it!"

2016 August 16th Alex

"I loved them :) They made me feel amazing! So thankyou I had so many compliments on them" 

2016 May 17th Kimberley

"I received my Madame Hair Deluxe extensions today thank you so much I love them <3"

2016 18th April Donna

"I love mine too! I have so many sets now I had to design and sew wraps to store them in! x" 


2016 10th March Shannan

"Hi there I absolutely love your hair extensions! There used to be a stall in Dundee that I used to buy them from all the time until one day I went and it was gone :( I've just found your website there and I'm soooo happy now!"


2016 29th Jan Selina Waterman-Smith (BBC1 The Apprentice Candidate 2015)

"Playing around with my amazing hair extensions from Madame Hair they match my hair perfectly & such great quality" 


2015 Dec 15th Gary Poulton (BBC1 The Apprentice Candidate 2015)

"Lucy using the Hot Donut Hair Bun ready for tonight :)"

2015 Dec 14th Lucy

"After using my Hot Doughnut Hair Bun so impressed literally haven't had to do a thing to this straight after"

2015 Dec 12th Erin

"Amazing! As always thank yoooouuuu :)"

2015 Dec 7th Erin
"Love madame hair, great quality extensions, reasonably priced and the girls are lovely and helpful "

 2015 Dec 3rd Tasha
"This was my stunning extensions I bought last year they were amazing and looked so natural"

2015 Dec 2nd Jenny Garbis (BBC1 The Apprentice Candidate 2015)

"Thankyou Madame Hair for my Hot Donut Hair Bun"

2015 Nov 19th Elle Stevenson (BBC1 The Apprentice Candidate 2015)

"So pleased with my Hot Donut Hair Bun from Madame Hair...beautiful curls with no styling tools...AMAZING!"

2015 Aug 18th Alanah

"110% Reccommend Madame Hair for extensions, bought a set a couple of years ago and they lasted me ages, such good quality of hair! So helpful with color matches also cant wait to get my new set"

2015 Jul 31st Ann Carroll
"Hiya , I have bought from you before and i love that you use the small clips because i have fine hair and they are much better for me"

2015 March 4th Rosie
"Just a big fan of Madame Hair & this shade! x x x"

2015, Feb 3rd Rach
"Been looking everywhere for clip in ombre strips! So glad to have finally found these! x" 

2014 Dec 31st Jade Thom
"Hiya.. just wanted to say that I LOVE your deluxe hair extensions! So amazing! Have a good new year ! Xx"

2014 Dec 14th Donna
"I absolutely LOVE my new remi deluxe hair extensions! This was me last night wearing them out for the first time on my works Christmas night out, thick, curled and looking super shiny. Thanks so much Madame hair! Xxx"

2014 Dec 13th Chloe Cameron
"Love my extensions so comfy and defiantly worth the price :))) x"

2014 Dec 10th Dee
"Love madame hair extensions xx"

 2014 Dec 3rd Jasmyn
"Love my Madame hair extensions, so long and natural x"

2014 Sep 11th Diana
"The quality is so amazing.
My friends and I get out hair from ur shop. And now introduced them to my twin and she loves it x x x"

2014 Sept 10th Maya
" I like wearing the 20inch deluxe set. I have been for the past three months. As I have thick hair I find the delux set is perfect. Love the volume and length it brings. I have tried several hair extensions in the past and this year it's only Madame hair extensions I buy. Nothing else. But yes. Best quality hair extensions. A lot people always ask where I get them from and I tell them. Price wise is also worth the money."

2014 Aug 15th Joan Igweh
"It was a really good hair that's why I can come to buy from u. I told my friends too to cum buy hair from you."

2014 July 29th AC
"I'd really like long hair for the weekend haha and you're the only place I trust to get quality hair extensions!"

2014 Jun 25th L Reid
"I've came to use these for a while now and been spot on everytime thanks again x"

2014 May 24th Leanne
"I'm so happy with my hair and defs worth the buy!”

2014 April 17th Hannah

"Used my new Hot Donut Hair Bun today in love! Well Done Aisha Kasim for a great invention! So happy to be one of the First!"

2014 April 2nd Tola
"So many people always ask me where I get my hair from. I direct dem to ur shop."

2014 Mar 22nd Louise
"These have been the best extensions ive ever had plus the service has been excellent x"

2014 Feb 27th Jenny Brown

"Totally gutted when I went to the Wellgate to find you are no longer there. Your extensions always matched my color perfectly! Please come back.

2014 Feb 27th Pauline Painter

"I realized the stall from Dundee is no longer there as I was going to go tomorrow..will do it online I have tried other extensions and have to say these are the best I've ever come across"

 2014 Jan 11th Erin
"They last so long ive had mine for over a year and they are still going strong"

2014 Jan 7th Cathrine
"Awww thanks, this really does help i absolutely love them id defiantly recommend these extensions to my friends"

 2013 Dec 27th Kimberley
"I got extensions from yourselves back in September. The are the best ones i've ever bought"

2013 Dec 5th Caroline
"I have bought loads of sets of clip extensions from you THANKS!!(I'm in the USA!)"

2013 Nov 26th Heather
"Was telling people about the extensions today and they were very impressed :) "

2013 Nov 19th JaNae

"Loving my 20inch Brazillian Madame Hair! Whoo hoo! to Contest winning! Thanks so much!"

2013 Nov11th Kerry
"I use Madame Hair all the time!!!"

2013 Nov 2nd Renny Ren

"1 month later and my weft Brazilian hair is still looking fabulous! Thank you Aisha I love Madame Hair!"

2013 Sep 19th Nikki
"They were brilliant the only extensions that look real in my hair"

2013 Sep 1st Jade
"I have used your hair for my own and clients hair over the years, I love Madame Hair"

2013 July 1st Diana
"I always purchase my hair extensions there as I love Madame hair. Best extensions. !!!!! Many thanks xx"

2013 May 10th DD
"Using only madame hair extensions for a year and can not fault. Amazing x"

2013, Feb 10th Annie M
"It was hard to find extra long clip in extensions until I heard about these, I'm a regular now!;) "

2012 August 3rd Teresa
"Since trying Madame Hair I've not used back. I dont use any other hair now for almost 8 years!! I know good hair and I only use good hair. Highly recommended!"

2011 Jun 2nd Trina
"Just really love love Madame hair extensions. Xxx"

2010 July 31st Ann
"I have bought from you before and i love that you use the small clips because i have fine hair and they are much better for me."

2009 Jan 15th Donna
"I have the regular set full head already but 4yrs old!! so was going to treat myself to a new set.4years old plus my lovely boyfriend with good intentions put them through the washing machine after they were wrapped for safety in my t-shirt! It took my over 3hours to detangle and numerous conditioning treatments!!"

2008 May 5th Teegan
"Thank you for the good extensions! :)"

2007 Nov 18th Donna K
"Honestly you have no idea what having you hair extensions has done for me! Cheers!"




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