5 Easy Tips on how to STOP your hair falling out.

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What the heck is going on? Why does my hair keep breaking? Never fear we've got you covered here at Madame Hair with 5 simple tips on how to stop you having to put up with your hair falling out! 

1) Listen to your hair - Become your own personal hair whisperer, often nobody knows your own hair like you do as you live with it on a daily basis.  For example, if it feels dry then you know your hair is asking you for a drink of water so treat it to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioning sesh. If your hair feels oily then it is telling you to cut back on the oil and try a serum or dry shampoo and conditioner instead.

2) Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatments - Shampooing & Conditioning your hair is one thing but because of the high heat tools used on hair and other environmental factors deep conditioning is a must! This should not be skipped (especially if you are experiencing hair breakage) and if you run out of a deep treatment masque you can always make a DIY one (thanks YouTube!) up at home.  

3) Avoid constant permanent hair extensions - It can be easy to want extensions in your hair all the time especially if your hair is breaking. But this is a catch 22 situation because never giving your own natural hair a break from extensions will only make it break more. The simplest thing to do is to give your hair a break from the weave and use clip in extensions to tide you over while you spoil your hair rotten with deep conditioning masques and lush treatments. Madame Hair has some great hair extensions on this very site Click here

4) Keep a hair diary - Ever felt your hair and just thought YES! I love how my hair feels today, what did I do there differently? The easiest way to keep track of this is to keep an actual hair diary. So say you wash your hair once a week, make a note on your phone of what you did that day e.g. did you sleep with a coconut oil masque on overnight then co-wash in the morning? How did your hair feel after you straightened it that day? Keeping track of tweaks and your results will help you know what to stick with and what to ditch.

5) Stick to your routine - So you've experimented and done your research now you have a routine that works for you, great! But just like you notice a body change when you stop going to the gym you will notice a hair change if you stop your hair routine. As hair requires even more attention, you will see the changes occur quicker if you stop your daily hair routine so hard as it can be, do try and stick to it to avoid hair breakage. 

Those are our 5 Simple Hair tips to avoid hair breaking, hair loss and hair falling out! We hope you picked up some handy tips, please subscribe to our Madame Hair newsletter for more tips on how to have healthy hair with or without hair extensions.

Till Next Time!

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